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With the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the businessman began helping the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Many Ukrainian businessmen went through work school in state-owned companies and later used this experience to build their own businesses. One of these can be called a 36-year-old entrepreneur engaged in business in many industries, Alexander Katsuba.

The start of Alexander Katsuba’s successful career was given by his family - his father, Vladimir Katsuba, was serving in the army at the time of his son’s birth, and therefore, although Alexander was born in Krivoy Rog, he grew up in Kharkov, the hometown of his parents, you can read about this in the Interesting interview with Alexandr Katsuba .

In the new place, Alexander Katsuba’s father, mother and older brother took up business and partly politics; in any case, father Vladimir and brother Sergei managed to be people’s deputies of Ukraine. The youngest son in the family chose a career as a businessman.

Already in 2003, Alexander Katsuba began to gain first experience in the family’s business structures, while simultaneously entering the Karazin Kharkov National University, from which he graduated in 2008. A year later, he received a second education, legal, graduating from the Kharkov National Law Academy named after Yaroslav the Wise.

Subsequently, he will not forget to continue his education and in 2013 he will defend two candidate dissertations for the title of candidate of legal and economic sciences.

True, by that time he will already be working at a state-owned enterprise - NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine.


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